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Build and operate always-on, scalable, and distributed applications

Evolve your infrastructure

Microservices are an architectural approach to building applications where each core function, or service, is built and deployed independently. The architecture is distributed and loosely coupled, so one component’s failure will not break the whole app. Independent components work together and communicate with well-defined API contracts. Microservice applications can enable your organization to meet rapidly changing business needs and bring exciting new functionalities to market faster.

And why would you want to do this?

Build and deploy services with agility – Easily manage new feature releases, updates, and bug fixes in individual components without redeploying the entire application. Automate software delivery workflow with a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline like GitHub Actions

Scale with demand – Scale individual services and subsystems based on resource needs without scaling out the entire application. Pack a higher density of services into a single host using a container orchestrator like Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) or Azure Red Hat OpenShift.

Make your apps more resilient – Replace or retire individual services without affecting the entire application. Unlike the traditional monolithic application model, microservices platforms use patterns such as circuit breaking to tolerate individual service failure, and therefore improve security and reliability. To make this easier, install a service mesh using the Service Mesh Interface (SMI) for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) or Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh for Azure Red Hat OpenShift.

Find the best approach for your team – Choose your team’s preferred deployment approach, language, microservices platform, and programming model for each service. Publish your microservice APIs for internal and external consumption while managing crosscutting concerns such as authentication, authorization, throttling, caching, transformation, and monitoring with Azure API Management.

And what about BizTalk features?

BizTalk Azure Microservices solutions also result in independently deployable applications used to complete business processes, including everything from order management to customer intelligence, and significantly improved workflow processes. For example, it can result in the following business improvements and advantages:

  • A streamlined order processing system.
  • An overall decrease in costs.
  • New business rules and workflows that are easily customizable as needed.
  • Increased efficiencies and productivity as well as improved employee morale.
  • Accessible extensibility for future growth.

Existing BizTalk service and server features can be easily hosted as microservices. Any of the SaaS connectors may be used to leverage BizTalk Microservices with their existing protocols to build an application integration and workflow engine to microservices.

When am I ready to use or extend Azure Microservices?

You may be ready to launch new or extend existing microservices if:

  • You are ready for an easier and faster way to scale than using the monolithic method.
  • You want your developers to focus on individual services rather than the whole app.
  • You are ready for faster development cycles because developers concentrate on specific services that require debugging or deployment.
  • Faster dev cycles positively impact projects and get products to the marker quicker.
  • You need improved data security from microservies that commuincate with one another through secure APIs. There is greater accountablity for data security when developers handle specific services.
  • You need improved data security from microservices that communicate with one another through secure APIs. There is greater accountability for data security when developers handle specific services.
  • You need improved data governance. Microservices allow for greater accountability from complying with frameworks like GDPR and HIPPA.

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The TwoConnect Difference!

TwoConnect leverages Microsoft Azure to integrate cloud services and on-premises applications and models, creates, tests, and deploys custom APIs. We help you achieve a smooth transition from initial start-up to steady-state operations, after which we provide you with the full complement of documentation and training you need to run your environment effectively.

TwoConnect leverages Azure Service Fabric to help our customers

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Benefits of TwoConnect for Microservices

And That’s Not All!

TwoConnect Simplifies Modern Software Development

Imagine a new software universe where implementing software changes goes from 6 to 8 weeks to 6 to 8 minutes. At TwoConnect, we build modern, integrated software apps and data solutions. We successfully merge the worlds of Microsoft and Open Source to bring powerful business solutions to organizations everywhere.

We Build Powerful Integration Solutions

TwoConnect simplifies modern software development for everyone through our team of amazing Microsoft MVPs, Azure Developers (all certified in latest exam AZ-203), development managers, trainers, and our extended worldwide community of integration experts with whom we’ve partnered for over two decades.

At TwoConnect, we come to work every day because we want to write code that solves business challenges, work transparently with our customers, and present solutions that both inform and educate.

If you want to pursue whether an Azure Microservices integration solution is right for you and how TwoConnect can help. Contact us today.

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