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Solution Accelerators are a great way to enhance any software Implementation.

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After many years implementing BizTalk Server solutions, TwoConnect has compiled a number of pre-built components and ready-made road map plans that can help accelerate all BizTalk Solutions.

These pre-built components, known as accelerators, can serve a number of functions such as to establish configurations standards, lay out the exception handling framework for your BizTalk Solution, implement pipeline processing in a very simple way, among many other features.

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TwoConnect's Accelerated Solutions are:

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Significantly reduce project development time and deploy your solutions faster.

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Make things easier for your software developers and for your support staff.

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Can't do it out of the box? Our accelerators include the functionality you need.

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Hundreds of customers have successfully implemented our accelerated solutions.

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TwoConnect leverages the Microsoft BizTalk Server platform and the TwoConnect Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for ACORD to reduce the complexity of EAI and deliver rapid return on investment through accelerated deployment timelines, simplified architectures, and lower initial and ongoing costs.

TwoConnect’s Accelerators & Adapters

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ODBC BizTalk Adapter

The Community BizTalk Adapter for ODBC is based on the code that was first made available on GotDotNet a few years ago.

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Loopback Adapter

The Loopback Adapter is a native Send Adapter that returns the submitted Message unchanged on a Two-Way port.

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EDI Enhancements Adapter

The TwoConnect EDI Enhancement builds on the EDI framework in BizTalk, making EDI integration development faster.

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ACORD Accelerator

The TwoConnect BizTalk Accelerator for ACORD extends the BizTalk Platform to provide reliable processing.

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OTA Accelerator

The TwoConnect BizTalk Accelerator for OTA extends the BizTalk Platform to provide reliable delivery of travel industry.

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Case Study

BizTalk Adapter for was utilized to solve a complex data integration challenge

Advanced Energy gained accelerated integration by using TwoConnect out-of-the-box BizTalk solution to save time and money. This resulted in quickly solving their integration issue.

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