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We have partnered closely with Microsoft to bring multiple BizTalk Host Integration solutions to customers.

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Modernize your business with Mainframe Cloud Migration

Mainframe cloud migration is the process of moving applications, data, and other resources from a mainframe environment to a cloud-based infrastructure. This typically involves rehosting or refactoring existing applications to take advantage of the scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing.

Mainframe cloud migration can help organizations modernize their legacy applications, reduce operational costs, and improve performance, availability, and security. However, it requires careful planning, execution, and management to ensure a successful migration and minimize disruption to business operations.

Unlock the benefits of cloud computing with mainframe cloud migration

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Mainframe cloud migration enables organizations to modernize their legacy applications, which can help them keep pace with evolving business requirements and industry trends.

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Cloud computing offers a more cost-effective alternative to maintaining and upgrading expensive mainframe hardware and software.

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Scalability and flexibility

Cloud-based infrastructure can scale up or down based on demand, allowing organizations to adjust their resources and capacity as needed.

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Improved performance and availability

Mainframe cloud migration can help improve the performance and availability of applications by leveraging the advanced features and capabilities of cloud-based environments.

How can TwoConnect help you?

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TwoConnect has extensive experience integrating .NET applications with IBM mainframes and mid-range systems. We have partnered closely with Microsoft to bring multiple BizTalk Host Integration solutions to customers, including transaction integration-based solutions extensively used in industries such as insurance and logistics.

TwoConnect’s expertise and the capabilities in Cloud Integration Server ensure your systems are securely and easily integrated, delivering powerful, capable results while preserving your company’s existing infrastructure investments.

How does TwoConnect achieve it?

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Implements solutions that integrate

IBM Customer Information Control System (CICS) or Information Management System (IMS) programs into your existing Windows or web-based environments.

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Delivers interoperability capabilities

Enables a service-oriented architecture running on Windows Server and serve as proxies to mainframe transaction programs or collections of transactions.

Case Study

Mainframe integration solution provided access to mission-critical data

TwoConnect designed a mainframe integration solution that provided a balanced, stable information platform that improved CMPD’s ability to preserve law and order in Charlotte.

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