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BizTalk touches everything in your business, and at some point, migration will happen!

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Why should I migrate?

Migration of BizTalk to Azure will be essential to the success of your business at some point. How smoothly you transfer your applications to Azure while continuing to empower your employees and impress your customers will define the success of your migration.

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Migration advantages

Some attractive advantages of migration also include:

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Reducing BizTalk Server and Azure licensing.

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Keeping disparate systems up to date in real time.

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Taking messaging scenarios to the next level with Azure Service Bus.

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Realizing a significant reduction in your IT management work and cost with Azure serverless integration.

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Extending integration scenarios with Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services.

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Greatly enhancing the ability to connect data, apps, and devices anywhere using cloud-based connectors.

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Exposing modern REST integration interfaces using Azure API Apps, Azure Functions, Service Fabric, and Microservices.

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Ingesting, transforming, and analyzing massive amounts of data with Azure Data Factory, HDInsight, and the NoSQL capabilities of CosmosDB.

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Better availability of your server infrastructure, which can span multiple data centers or availability zones.

Schema advantages

Microsoft has made all BizTalk schemas including X12 and EDIFACT EDI and HIPAA schemas open source, so you can use the schemas anywhere and everywhere without purchasing a BizTalk license.

With Azure, integration has never been easier or less expensive. The possibilities are endless, and TwoConnect can help you realize them.

Proof of Concept

BizTalk 2020 Upgrade vs. Azure Migration

Our BizTalk Server customers are asking whether they should upgrade to BizTalk 2020 or migrate their integrations to Azure Logic Apps.

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Migration business impact

In addition to the long list of advantages to Azure migration, moving from BizTalk Server to Azure also impacts your business in several positive ways.

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From BizTalk Server

  • Significant on-prem footprint
  • Significant up-front investment
  • Significant database footprint
  • Legacy technology (SOA, SOAP, SML, WCF)
  • Traditional server feature release cycle
  • Complex knowledge onboarding
  • No API governance
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To Microsoft Azure

  • Serverless
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Zero databases to manage
  • Modern technology (Microservices, REST, JSON, Open API)
  • Multiple releases per month
  • Much easier developer experience
  • API First
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Microsoft Azure Integration Services

With Azure Integration Services, you can seamlessly build new, integrated solutions that connect applications and services on-premises and in the cloud and bring business workflows together so they are consistent and scalable.

Integrate and monitor your:

  • Budget
  • Invoices
  • CRM
  • Emails
  • Expenses
  • Approvals
  • Orders
  • EDW
  • Financials
How to get there

The migration roadmap

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1. Assess

Duration: 2 hours
  • Business integration needs assessments
  • Integration application portfolio assessment
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2. Business Case

Duration: Variable
  • Make the business case: cost analysis and value mapping
  • Identify apps to migrate and those requiring refactoring
  • Quantify ROI of migration of business case
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3. Proof of Concept

Duration: 5 days - 2 months
  • Conduct proof of concept migrations
  • Ensure end-to-end integration is achieved
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4. Migration Deploy

Duration: Variable
  • Migrate integration workloads without business interruption
  • Optimize cloud services consumption for efficiency and savings
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