Modern Integration Solutions for Industries

You need an integration implementation partner that not only knows the technology but also knows your business. At TwoConnect, we have deployed hundreds of integration solutions for most major industries, both on premises and in the cloud.

Our solutions are always architected with your business goals in mind


Manage health data in the cloud with Microsoft

TwoConnect’s HIPAA and HL7 experts have assisted hundreds of facilities, as well as payers and providers, to optimize mission-critical business processes integrating care workflows, claims processing, and adjudication systems.

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A professional doctor is using a tablet to see the hospital's patients incoming statistics
A supply chain professional is smiling and looking at a tablet, with a data graphic in the background

Reinvent your supply chain operations with Microsoft

TwoConnect's expert RosettaNet consulting services help you to easily integrate business processes and streamline the development and deployment of your RosettaNet standards-based integration solutions.

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Oil & Gas

The latest cloud technologies for your oilfields

We are leading our customers to the next generation of solutions and working alongside our global oil and gas industry partners to ensure that the latest innovations in cloud technologies provide the foundation for their oilfield solutions.

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A female financial professional, wearing a blue jacket, is using a tablet to view a cash balance graphic

Build modern, integrated, banking, and financial apps

TwoConnect’s team of financial data integration experts can help you to leverage standards such as SWIFT and Microsoft products such as BizTalk and Azure Cloud Integration to significantly lower the overall cost of their integration solution.

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Improve the information systems of your business

TwoConnect can help you to automate and optimize mission-critical business processes by integrating data and applications for key insurance business processes such as claims processing, policy management, and speed to quote.

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Connect faculty, students, and administrators with BizTalk

Whether in the administration building or in the classroom, TwoConnect's on-premises and Azure cloud integration proven solutions have helped streamline processes, build stronger collaboration among educators, and extend impact.

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