Microsoft Azure Cloud EHR, EMR, HL7 Integration Consulting

We help you automate and optimize eClinicalWorks, EHR, EMR, FHIR, HL7, and HIPAA business processes that connect applications, people, and healthcare organizations.

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Microsoft Azure Healthcare Integration Consulting

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Microsoft Azure Cloud products and services help health organizations of all sizes provide better and more secure health experiences and health outcomes.

Our Microsoft-Certified healthcare integration team can help your organization scale faster and enhance data interoperability of eClinicalWorks, EHR, EMR, HL7 or any combination of these to drive an overall enhanced medical experience with improved results.

In our evolving and sometimes unpredictable health climate, access to secure portals and mobile tools help doctors, patients, and an entire medical team connect for better and faster patient treatment while also providing the transparency that is needed.

Health Data in the cloud

The pathway to better patient healthcare!

The cloud provides a wealth of access to resources, other healthcare professionals, and patients – often in real time. Microsoft Azure enables data to flow securely through every point of care, allowing you access the information when and how you need it.

Microsoft Azure cloud healthcare solutions let you:

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Manage Health Records Using an Easy Platform

An hybrid integration solution can help ensure that health providers have complete access to a patient’s medical history before treatment.

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Control and Optimize Clinical Supplies

Our team leverages Microsoft Azure and BizTalk to make sure all clinical supplies are replenished as they are consumed.

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Automate Patient Scheduling and Save Time

We can set up your hybrid Microsoft Azure integration solution to send notifications using workflows, ensuring seamless patient care.

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Leverage the Power of Your Healthcare Data

Transforming your data to FHIR enables real-time access to existing data sources such as health records and research databases.

Healthcare Consulting

Customized healthcare integrated solutions

Azure provides integrated solutions that are easily customized to fit your specific needs, including:

  1. 01.

    eClinicalWorks, FHIR, HL7 messaging, and HL7 interface development for BizTalk and Azure.

  2. 02.

    Efficient facilitation of a high volume of HL7 messages.

  3. 03.

    Efficient handling of non-standard HL7 messages using HL7 mapping.

  4. 04.

    Seamless eClinicalWorks integration among healthcare applications both on premises and in the cloud.

  5. 05.

    Enablement of HL7 data exchange of various types such as ADT, MFN, ORM, ORU, SCH, and SIU.

  6. 06.

    Creation of HL7 standards based on the varied requirements between applications.

TwoConnect Healthcare Expertise and Services

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eClinicalWorks, Cerner, Epic, McKesson, Meditech, NextGen, Fresenius, Centricity (and more)

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Mirth Match, 4Medica

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C++, C, C#, Java, .Net, PHP, JavaScript, TCL, HTML, XML, CSS, Velocity

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MySQL, Oracle, DB2, HyperSQL, MS SQL Server, Postgres

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Apache, Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, Nginx

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Eclipse, PhpStorm, NetBeans, Rational Application Developer, Visual Studio

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Operating Systems

UNIX/Linux (AIX, Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS), Windows, OS X

Ensure seamless eClinicalWorks integration, HIPAA & HL7 compliance with TwoConnect

TwoConnect's award-winning development team provides:

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Pre-built BizTalk maps that provide easy conversion from 4010 to 5010 and from 5010 to 4010 HIPAA transactions

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Reporting tools that allow you to visualize all of your processed claims and patient data by EDI hierarchy or by claim number

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A framework for easily modifying and deploying HIPAA process rules changes, both on premises and in the cloud

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A solution that integrates in-house claims processing with industry standard claims verification tools like Optum (old Claredi)

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A highly effective hybrid cloud exception handling system based on the 999 and 277 transaction sets that allows for maximum message visibility

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A search engine that allows you to use multiple filters to search your HIPAA data such as by claim number, patient name, and claim amount.

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Case Study

Bupa leverages Azure EDI to improve the bottom line and consolidate data

The integration app easily consolidated data from multiple internal sources to provide business partners with a single, reliable feed of all Bupa transactions.

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The TwoConnect Healthcare Solution

After many HIPAA and HL7 implementations on the Microsoft integration platform, both on premises and in the Azure cloud, we have developed a healthcare framework that is comprised of a series of workflows, out-of-the-box integrations, and software components that can serve to significantly improve your HIPAA or HL7 solution time to market.

TwoConnect is a Microsoft Gold Healthcare Integration Partner and a member of the elite Microsoft BPI VTS team. Our certified healthcare integration experts have helped hundreds of facilities, payers, and providers automate and optimize mission-critical business processes and integrate patient and claims data with administration, claims processing, and adjudication systems.

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