Reinvent Supply Chain Operations with BizTalk & Azure

At TwoConnect, we specialize in leveraging RosettaNet to transform your supply chain logistics into a seamless and optimized process.

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A female logistics professional, with a smile on her face, looking at data on a tablet inside a supply warehouse

Revolutionizing Supply Chain Logistics with RosettaNet

Need help with RosettaNet integration? TwoConnect's expert RosettaNet consulting services help you easily integrate business processes with trading partners located anywhere in the world.

Contact us to streamline the development and deployment of your RosettaNet standards-based integration solutions.

TwoConnect is a Microsoft Gold RosettaNet Integration Partner and a member of the elite BPI Virtual Technical Specialist team (1 of only 18 worldwide).

Our award-winning team provides expert RosettaNet implementation and consulting services within the Microsoft Azure and BizTalk platform. Meaning, you can easily integrate RosettaNet standards into your current servers to reduce cycle time, inventory costs and improve productivity.

Seamlessly integrate RosettaNet standards into your current servers. This integration empowers you to reduce cycle time, lower inventory costs, and enhance productivity throughout your supply chain operations.

Unleash the Power of RosettaNet

We understand the challenges that businesses face in today's rapidly evolving supply chain landscape. RosettaNet enables seamless and secure integration of supply chain processes across organizations. By implementing RosettaNet, you can:

Create a unified view of your customer

Use BizTalk Server and Azure Event Grid to integrate and analyze data distributed across marketing systems, warranty systems, ordering systems, partner and distributor systems, and social media.

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Gain Visibility from plant floor to enterprise

Our Azure Cloud solutions will help lower your manufacturing costs and increase productivity by gaining visibility into your suppliers, factory performance, price fluctuations, and product availability.

Deliver products from anywhere, anytime

Manage your inventory effectively by using BizTalk Server and Azure Logic apps to execute an intelligent “available to promise” request for product lookup across your various sources of inventory. BizTalk Server then routes the order to the correct fulfillment center and delivers to the customer.

A logistics professional is reviewing the inventory inside a supply warehouse
Case Study

A Transportation and Logistics Company Implements Azure Solutions

Azure products, centered on Azure Server Fabric, increase the technical edge and move a large transportation and logistics company into the future!

Two logistics professionals looking at a tablet inside a supply warehouse

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