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Microsoft Azure Functions

Is it time your organization stopped worrying about deploying and maintaining servers? Microsoft’s Azure Functions cloud infrastructure provides all the up-to-date resources needed to keep your applications running so you can focus on the pieces of code that matter the most and keep your organization at the forefront of the competition.

With an event-driven, serverless computing platform, you can develop and solve complex planning problems more efficiently. Build and debug locally without additional setup, deploy and operate at scale in the cloud, and integrate services using triggers and bindings.

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Enhance your end-to-end experience

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Automated and flexible scaling

Focus on adding value rather than managing the infrastructure.

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An integrated programming model

Respond to events and seamlessly connect with other services.

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A better development experience

Build, debug, deploy, and monitor with integrated tools and built-in DevOps capabilities.

Azure Functions Extension top benefits

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No server maintenance

Eliminate the need to maintain servers.

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Support for independent scaling

Determine the best path for growing your company.

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Support for different programming languages

Enjoy support for major languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, F#, PHP, Node.js, and  HTTP-based API building.

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Integration with other Azure services

As part of Microsoft Azure, easily incorporate Functions with Azure Event Hubs, Notification Hubs, Service Bus, Event Grids, and more.

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Implementing codes

As an event-driven application platform, implement code triggered by third-party services events.

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Runtime portability

Develop Functions to be portable, allowing you to build and run serverless applications anywhere, from your network to any cloud services.

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Custom features implementation

Enable quick integration of custom features with Azure Functions runtime, UI, templates, and WebJobs SDK open-source projects.

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Pay-as-you-use and cost-efficient

Enable quick integration of custom features with Azure Functions runtime, UI, templates, and WebJobs SDK open-source projects.

Service integrations supported by Azure Functions

Azure Cosmos logotype

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Event Hub logotype

Azure Event Hubs

Azure Event Grid icon

Azure Event Grid

Azure Mobile Apps logotype

Azure Mobile Apps

The GitHub brand mark in a purple square

GitHub (webhooks)

Azure Notification Hub icon

Azure Notification Hubs

Turquoise Azure Service Bus icon

Azure Service Bus (queues and topics)

Azure Storage icon

Azure Storage (blob, queues, and tables)

On-premise application icon

On-premises (using Service Bus)

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Twilio (SMS messages)

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Simplify with dependable serverless applications

Serverless is an application delivery model in which cloud providers automatically intercept user requests and computing events to dynamically allocate and scale computing resources, allowing you to run applications without the need to provision, configure, manage, or maintain server infrastructure.

With a serverless model, your organization can:

  • Monitor and analyze code performance with Azure Application Insights.
  • Use application maps with distributed tracing from Azure Monitor to locate bottlenecks and failure hotspots across all components of your application.
  • Use Azure Key Vault to source application settings with full control over access policies and audit history and no code changes.
  • Use the Functions Premium plan to isolate networks using virtual network connectivity, enabling outbound traffic through a secured virtual network, gating incoming traffic, and defining app restrictions.
Case Study

Achieving maximum global impact with Microsoft Azure Functions

TwoConnect developed a set of Azure Functions integrating the company’s back-end systems with a public facing API. This enabled them to securely share critical resources and information with worldwide partners in an efficient manner.

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TwoConnect’s Microsoft Certified Azure Consultants can help!

Azure Function Apps are a great solution for processing data, integrating systems, working with the internet of things (IoT), and building simple APIs and microservices. Azure Functions Apps are useful for tasks like image or order processing, file maintenance, or for any tasks that you want to run on a schedule.

TwoConnect leverages Azure Function Apps and other modern integration technologies to solve business problems easier and cost-effectively than ever before. This is your chance to take the important step of moving your organization's integration initiatives into the next stratosphere.

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