Azure Migration Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

TwoConnect is a Microsoft Gold Integration Partner for the Oil, Energy and Gas industry and a member of the elite Microsoft BPI VTS team.

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An illustration showcasing the iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) system components tailored for the oil industry

Integration Consulting Services for the Oil, Gas and Mining Industry

Our Microsoft Certified experts have helped hundreds of customers in the Oil and Gas industry to automate and optimize business processes spanning applications, people, and organizations since 1995.

We are leading our customers to the next generation of solutions and working alongside our global oil & gas industry partners to ensure that the latest innovations in Cloud technologies provide the foundation for their oilfield solutions.

We keep every part of your business connected by flawlessly integrating cloud services and on-premises applications―and simply model, create, test, and deploy custom APIs.

Once you create your integration projects, you have the flexibility to run them:

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A Platform as a service (PaaS) using containers

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A fully hosted integration platform as a service (iPaaS)

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Today’s digital businesses demand flexibility, adaptability, and scalability.

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With our application integration consulting services, our expert developers can help you link applications within the organization with cloud services to simplify and automate business processes to the greatest extent possible.

You can grab new business opportunities with flexible application integration technology that will let you meet the increasing requirements of Cloud, mobile and IoT while you enable growth and accommodate dynamic demand.

TwoConnect is at the forefront of these integration advancements based on the Microsoft Platform for our Energy customers and partners.

Transforming Oil, Gas, and Mining Industry Operations with TwoConnect

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Equipment Monitoring

Any production equipment, big or small, from pumps, compressors, complete oil production units to cracking units used in refining plays a critical role in the value chain. Any downtime of this equipment can have a huge impact on production and therefore needs to be minimized.

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Upstream Systems

BizTalk Server integrates employee workflows across systems, processes and procedures, managing information across all upstream systems for quick access throughout a typical work day.

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Production Optimization

BizTalk Server provides a secure, scalable and integrated platform that supports and encourages innovation and production optimization in the oil, gas, and mining industry.

Case Study

Customized training on SNA Connectivity to the IT support staff

Discover a compelling case study showcasing TwoConnect's expertise in providing a customized training solution for Exxon, a prominent player in the energy and petrochemical industry. Facing the challenge of training IT support staff on complex SNA Connectivity, Exxon sought a solution that would address their unique requirements while maximizing the value of time and travel investment.

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