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Customized training on SNA Connectivity to the IT support staff

Discover a compelling case study showcasing TwoConnect's expertise in providing a customized training solution for Exxon, a prominent player in the energy and petrochemical industry. Facing the challenge of training IT support staff on complex SNA Connectivity, Exxon sought a solution that would address their unique requirements while maximizing the value of time and travel investment.

A Training solution based on Microsoft’s courseware

“We wanted to train our people…but also wanted customized training that would resolve our immediate issues.”


As an industry leader in the energy and petrochemical business, Exxon (NYSE: XOM)needed to find a way to train IT support staff on the complex topic of SNA Connectivity. The project faced some challenges such as:

  • Vendor’s off-the-shelf training does not match the complex or unique requirements of Exxon’s environment.
  • Exxon’s staff would be required to invest time and travel for the training – therefore the training had to be high-value and not “generic” in order be relevant to all and to make the cost and trip worthwhile.
  • Trainees consisted of diverse levels of expertise and responsibility therefore, meeting everyone’s needs would be difficult.
  • Exxon was working with a limited budget and timeframe.


TwoConnect customized an on-site training solution based on Microsoft’s courseware which was designed by TwoConnect. The solution provided:

  • A fully customized training program to meet the unique needs of Exxon’s staff so they would understand not only the material but how it applied to their specific areas of responsibility.
  • Interactive and hands on labs were designed to allow the students to access and apply what they had learned just as they would be doing in their day-to-day roles.
  • Value-add integration consultation was also provided to trainees to provide them with the opportunity to put what they had learned to practice in a fully trainer-supervised environment where questions could be answered and problems troubleshooted.


The on-site training resulted in:

  • Strong return on investment – for the time and travel incurred through the delivery of a highly customized and relevant training program to meet Exxon’s business and IT needs.
  • More than just knowledge transfer – the hands on, customer training had immediate and practical application increasing employee productivity and improving IT operations.
  • Smoother running IT environment through value-add consultation whereby specific real-time connectivity issues were addressed, troubleshooted and resolved as part of the training program.

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Microsoft’s courseware

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“We wanted to train our people, but also wanted customized training that would resolve our immediate issues.”

Exxon Mobil

Director of IT

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