SAP Impact On Azure Integration Consulting

Organizations that run their Azure integration on SAP are able to better manage complex business processes across departments and give employees easy access to real-time insights across the enterprise.

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TwoConnect takes care of your SAP integration needs and requirements

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TwoConnect is a trusted industry leader in configuring and customizing Microsoft products (including Azure, SQL, and BizTalk) to meet unique SAP integration needs and requirements. Our experts work closely with the Microsoft Azure Team to help organizations running SAP significantly lower the overall cost of their SAP integration solution.

TwoConnect leverages Azure to effectively integrate, automate, and simplify business processes provided by SAP and help organizations increase productivity and become strategically different from the competition.

We offer a range of fast, flexible, and affordable SAP integration consulting services to help your organization succeed.

TwoConnect’s SAP Integration Advantages

Our SAP integration developers can help your organization:

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Improve enterprise resource planning

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Reduce time to value for your IT team

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Lower risks by leveraging your development investment

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Provide professional security, top data protection, and reduced integration risks

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Eliminate application silos through SAP integration with custom solutions

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Speed implementation and connection between your SAP and non-SAP solutions

SAP Solutions

Expand and customize your SAP platform with Microsoft Azure

Enhanced resource planning is a requirement if companies must communicate in real-time to manage customer or financial relationships across multiple systems and platforms.

The SAP platform can handle various workloads natively, and when paired with the capabilities of Azure, it provides a foundation for extensible innovation and growth opportunities.

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Microsoft Integration

SAP on Azure Advantages

Running SAP on Azure helps your organization streamline migration and deliver an intelligent enterprise. Bring the intelligence, security, and reliability of Azure along a trusted path to your SAP applications and achieve the following:

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  • A cloud platform optimized for SAP

    Replace outdated systems with Azure, a proven cloud platform and foundation for innovation and agility that provides the performance and scale you count on.

  • Unmatched security, compliance, and business continuity

    Benefit from 3500 cybersecurity professionals and the industry’s largest compliance portfolio for your SAP solutions, in the cloud and on-premises.

  • Immediate insights and agility

    Tap into 100 Azure services, access SAP Cloud Platform, apply intelligent analytics, and integrate with Microsoft 365, Teams, Power Apps, and Power BI to drive new customer experiences.

  • A partnership you can trust

    After decades of working together, Microsoft and SAP have announced Embrace, a preferred cloud partnership that simplifies and accelerates your transformation to the cloud.

Case Study

Azure DevOps and a BizTalk upgrade optimize operations across a global landscape

Interpublic Group contacted TwoConnect to determine the approach best suited for upgrading BizTalk Server and ensuring improved collaboration and productivity to achieve business goals.

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Over 20 years helping many companies with data integration.

“Within weeks, we had integrations to test, and we were able to complete the project within the projected timeframe. We couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend TwoConnect as a Microsoft partner.”

Microtek Laboratories, Inc.

V.P. Finance

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