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Feel reassured with a BizTalk Server health check

The Microsoft BizTalk Server Health Check is the first step toward getting your BizTalk Server system to achieve optimal performance. The Health Check is designed to help identify key areas of risk that might impact your organization now or in the future.

This assessment collects data and statistics that identify security risks and configuration concerns and then issues a report summarizing its findings.

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TwoConnect’s Premier Service and Support Plans include:

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24/7 Emergency support to address and resolve problems when they arise.

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Proactive monitoring of your environment to resolve many problems before they occur.

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Providing both configuration and development environments for modifications, keeping your live setup risk free.

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Database monitoring with message tracking and alerts.

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Continuous monitoring for security breaches to ensure your environment is never vulnerable.

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Performance tuning to keep your environment running at its best.

TwoConnect is there to

Emergency and ongoing support – when you need it!


Be your backup plan and insurance policy.


Support your environment when resources are unavailable or simply overwhelmed.


Provide instant alerts and fix your configuration in the event of error messages or servers going down.


Make sure your environment is set up properly and requires less time to maintain.

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BizTalk HealthCheck/Upgrade Azure

This assessment collects data & statistics that identify security risks & configuration concerns & then issues a report summarizing its findings.

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TwoConnect’s BizTalk Support exceeds expectations

As a Microsoft Gold Integration Partner and member of the elite Microsoft Virtual Technical Specialist Team (1 of only 20 worldwide), TwoConnect provides premier 24x7x365 BizTalk Support Services and Maintenance for all your solutions.

BizTalk Server Support

The BizTalk Server Application Management Solution benefits

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Maintain maximum efficiency!

• Gain from the knowledge and practices of Microsoft, the BizTalk community, and TwoConnect’s extensive in-field experience.

• Access in-depth expertise that helps you achieve your highest BizTalk Server performance and goals.

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Receive recommendations!

• Receive practical solutions for all identified risks in operations, configuration, and architectural issues.

• Get the most from your BizTalk solution – continuously.

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Reduce costs!

• Uncover vulnerabilities in the BizTalk Server infrastructure and operational processes.

• Identify causes, not only symptoms, and take a proactive approach to issues before they impact users and increase costs.

Case Study

Protecting critical core business operations and avoiding a disaster recovery effort

Coordinating a collaborative effort between the bank IT technicians, a Microsoft Support engineer, and TwoConnect engineers, we help to protect critical core business operations and avoid an Exchange Disaster Recovery effort.

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TwoConnect’s BizTalk Support Plan

With over 20 years of experience in implementation, we structure support and managed services solutions that adapt to your needs, budget, and required Service Level Agreement (SLA).

An award-winning BizTalk Support and Azure Managed Services team focuses on integration solutions that ensure seamless continuity of your business operations.

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