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Unlock the power of your data

The sheer volume of data that is made available to us today can be overwhelming. However, that same data may also be the key that unlocks an almost unlimited number of possibilities for your business!

TwoConnect can provide you with answers to your most pressing data needs while increasing your decision-making power and accuracy.

Have you found yourself asking one or more of the following, or similar, questions about your business?

These are real problems that companies often face.

  • What are the bottlenecks in my operations?

  • When do sales peak over a 24-hour time period?

  • Why does production slow dramatically during the late shift?

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Azure Power BI and Azure Data Factory analytics

Azure Power BI and Azure Data Factory analytics provide the data needed to make informed business decisions and enable the right solutions for success. You already have the data.

TwoConnect can help you unleash its power.

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Sustainable competitive advantages of managing your data

By identifying and unleashing the power of your organization’s data, you can:

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Access information contained within stores of data, combine it with data from third-party providers or social networks, and then integrate it with core business operations.

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Maintain applications that contain various business solutions such as for construction, mining, or manufacturing and involve large volumes of merged data from numerous IoT-based data inputs.

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Manage policies, data protection, and compliance in a single comprehensive data management platform that gives you control, flexibility, and automation to streamline IT efforts.

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Become empowered with IoT technologies that enable you to scale your business with data-driven information, present opportunities for new lines of business, and improve overall operational processes.

Leveraging Microsoft Azure

Move your business forward with data management platforms

Microsoft Azure IoT technologies and services offer a wealth of solutions to build and design your custom IoT solutions and reduce administration, storage, development, and server costs.

Manage and maintain your IoT enterprise solutions at the level your sales teams, partners, and customers expect with Azure IoT technologies, including:

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Microsoft Azure PaaS For IoT

  • Power BI
  • Azure DevOps
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IoT And Edge Device Support

  • Microsoft SQL
  • Azure Functions
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Why TwoConnect?

TwoConnect’s expert team is ready to help!


Data access for effective decision making

Access information already contained within enormous stores of data, combine it with external data from third-party providers and social networks, and integrate it with core business operations. We offer insights into your strategy and processes that directly contribute to effective decision-making.


A comprehensive data management platform

Supporting multiple clouds, and their corresponding data, can be problematic. Trying to manage multiple clouds and on-premises data with individual point solutions causes IT headaches. You need to manage policies, data protection, and compliance in a single comprehensive data management platform that gives you control, flexibility, and automation and streamlines IT efforts.


Raw data visualization and modeling

Our data scientists and quantitative experts help you source, cleanse, organize and interpret raw data into advanced business information through modeling and visualization.


Our expertise includes

Enterprise Information Management, Azure Power BI & Data Analytics, Data Governance, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Model Risk Management, and Predictive Analytics.

Case Study

Accelerating the ability to onboard clients with a Power BI and Azure Data Factory

TwoConnect worked with ATA RiskStation to implement a Power BI and Azure Data Factory managed solution that resulted in a secure, faster, and more simplified way to gather data for their financial risk modeling solutions, on-premises or in the cloud. This resulted in the ability to gather business intelligence wherever and whenever it is needed, scale quickly with elastic capabilities, improve productivity, and thereby meet the needs of a growing clientele.

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