Simplify Your Event-Based Apps With Event Grid

Leverage Azure Event Grid to react to relevant events across both Azure and non-Azure services in real time.

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One service for Event Routing from any source to any destination

Event Grid simplifies event-based apps using a single service for managing the routing of events from any source to any destination. It is designed for high availability, consistent performance, and dynamic scale and lets you focus on your app logic rather than infrastructure.

Azure Event Grid

Azure Event Grid Advantages

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Connects data sources and event handlers quickly

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Supports both built-in and custom events

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Uses filters to enable intelligent routing and standardized event schema

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Provides high-reliability service with a twenty-four-hour retry

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Uses a pay-per-event price model that results in very low cost

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Supports millions of events per second

Azure Event Grid Key Features

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Point and click to move events from your Azure resource to any event handler or endpoint.

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Advanced filtering

Filter on event type or event publish path to ensure event handlers only receive relevant events.

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Subscribe multiple endpoints to the same event making it easy to route events to as many places as needed.

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Utilize 24-hour retry with exponential backoff to ensure events are delivered.

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Pay only for the time you use Event Grid.

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High throughput

Build high-volume workloads on Event Grid with support for millions of events per second.

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Built-in Events

Get up and running quickly with resource-defined built-in events.

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Custom Events

Use the Event Grid route and filter to reliably deliver custom events in your app.

How will Azure Event Grid help me?

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Serverless Application Architectures

Event Grid connects data sources and event handlers. For example, use Event Grid to trigger a serverless function that analyzes images when added to a blob storage container.

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Op’s Automation

Event Grid allows you to speed up automation and simplify policy enforcement. For example, use Event Grid to notify Azure Automation when a virtual machine or database in Azure SQL is created.

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Application Integration

Event Grid connects your app with other services. For example, create a custom topic to send your app's event data to Event Grid, and take advantage of its reliable delivery, advanced routing, and direct integration with Azure.

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Azure Event Grid Integrations

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