Data Solutions With Microsoft Azure & Power BI

Optimize your critical data sources and access them when and where you need them with Power BI.

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Combine Azure and Power BI to get real-time insights for your business

Microsoft Azure Services and Power BI can turn your data processing efforts into useful analytics and reports. Embedded analytics in Power BI can help you understand data, derive insights from the data, build knowledge, and determine the actions needed for the most effective results.

Azure and Power BI encompass:

  • Data processing is cloud-based or on-premises and is used for either straightforward or complex scenarios.
  • Single-sourced or massively scaled, warehoused, or real-time data analytics.
  • Built-in connectivity and integration to bring your business intelligence efforts to life.
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Are you having a hard time identifying the right insights in your data?

If your business has some of the following dataset challenges, it may result in raw data that is noisy and unreliable. This can lead to not only reaching the wrong conclusions about the data but also wasting time and resources. Some errors in the dataset might include:

  • Missing values.
  • Using data sets with missing values for modeling, leading to misleading results.
  • Misleading results can lead to moving data around multiple times looking for the right answers.
  • Pulling data multiple times without success, results in the need to clean and reprocess your data before it works effectively.
  • You might need to preprocess and clean your data before you can use the dataset effectively.

Leverage Azure and Power BI in the following scenarios

The scenarios and possibilities of Azure and Power BI are as unique as your business – no matter the size of your business or the project. Some possible solutions for getting the best results from Azure and Power BI include:

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Data organization

Moving local data into a storage option on Azure and then into Azure Machine Learning.

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Data characteristics

Selecting the appropriate scenario for your data type and understanding any scenario restrictions.

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Dataset quality

Determining how much pre-processing is needed to formulate plans for additional data collection.

Learn how to transform your data sources into intelligence that drives your business forward. You can connect one Azure data source or several, and then shape and refine your data to build customized reports.

Get ahead using Azure Services and Power BI

Integrate Seamlessly with other Azure services to unlock valuable insights

Combine varied Azure Services with Power BI and turn your data into intelligence reports that give your business an edge over the competition.

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Azure SQL Database

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Stream Analytics

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Azure ML

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Azure Event Hub

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Azure Storage

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Azure HDInsight

Why use Azure with Power BI

Why use Azure with Power BI

Migration to Azure enables you to implement a globally available and easily scalable platform. Azure Services provides zero-effort scaling for managing a variety of customer scenarios, including zero on-premises servers or service infrastructure, elastic capabilities to scale with customer growth, visibility to all processes through the Azure Portal, and more.

Proof of Concept

Data Migration to Microsoft PowerBI

Streamline all your data sources and enable you to easily visualize and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency & understanding.

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Case Study

Accelerating the ability to onboard clients with a Power BI and Azure Data Factory

TwoConnect worked with ATA RiskStation to implement a Power BI and Azure Data Factory managed solution that resulted in a secure, faster, and more simplified way to gather data for their financial risk modeling solutions, on-premises or in the cloud. This resulted in the ability to gather business intelligence wherever and whenever it is needed, scale quickly with elastic capabilities, improve productivity, and thereby meet the needs of a growing clientele.

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Stop guessing and become a data-driven company. Let’s integrate your data using Azure and Power BI

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As an early adopter of the Power BI platform, TwoConnect easily embeds interactive reports and dashboards.

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We allow your business users access to data while maintaining data security and governance.

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We help anyone visualize and analyze data with incredible speed, efficiency, and understanding.

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