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The TwoConnect BizTalk Accelerator for ACORD extends the Microsoft BizTalk Server Platform to provide comprehensive and reliable processing and delivery of ACORD XML messages. TwoConnect leverages the Microsoft BizTalk Server platform and the TwoConnect Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for ACORD to reduce the complexity of EAI and deliver rapid return on investment through accelerated deployment timelines, simplified architectures, and lower initial and ongoing costs.

TwoConnect leverages the ACORD XML schema standard and made them BizTalk-ready.

TwoConnect provides a full range of services related to the implementation of EDI and AS2 using all versions of BizTalk, including BizTalk 2013.

We can provide BizTalk EDI Requirements Analysis, Solution Design, Implementation, ongoing Support on all EDI transaction codes and Mapping.

We can even mentor, transfer knowledge and bring your own internal resources to a level enabling them to further develop and support your environment. We can do all this at your location, or remotely.

Whatever you prefer.

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Accelerator Components

Below are some of the components that can help accelerate your EDI solution implementation:

  • Schema Generator and Slicer integrated with Visual Studio to automatically create BizTalk ACORD schemas.
  • Schema slice templates for ACORD TXLife standard messages.
  • Save and edit custom slice templates using Schema Generator.
  • Build slice templates using existing message instances.
  • Integration of ACORD lookup tables and codes with BizTalk Mapper & Orchestrations.

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