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We provide flexible integration solutions with a focus on secure, scalable, expandable and reliable financial systems.

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Easy SWIFT Integration

Extend the capabilities of BizTalk Server by leveraging the SWIFT Accelerator to provide you with a single extensible infrastructure for integrating business processes, both within the organization and with external partners and customers.

Our team of data integration & SWIFT experts have helped organizations such as UBS and Credit Agricole to build solutions that not only simplify management and integration, but also save their customers money. We deploy solutions that help banking institutions attract and retain customers, increase productivity and collaboration, enable governance and compliance, and help grow their business.

TwoConnect provides integrated solutions that are easily customized to fit your specific needs, including:

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Banking & Finance, SWIFT integration and IoT and Big Data Integration


SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, NetSuite, NetApp, Dynamics & CRM Integration


Big Data consulting services for Hadoop & HD Insight


Optimized open-source analytic clusters for Spark, Hive, MapReduce, HBase, Storm, Kafka, and R Server

TwoConnect provides

BizTalk and Azure integration solutions for the financial industry

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Onsite or remote help with Windows Azure Integration

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Azure Logic Apps Consulting & Integration Services

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Microsoft BizTalk Server and EDI Integration

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Windows Azure consulting services and 24×7 support for public, private and hybrid cloud scenarios, Hybrid integration

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BizTalk Server Integration Consulting Services, Deployment, Migration, Development, Architecture Training, and 24×7 BizTalk Support

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Azure Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Flow & Management API’s Consulting & Integration Services

If you are a financial services firm, we can help you

Integration Technologies and Tools:

  • Microsoft Integration Development & Architecture

  • C#, .Net, WCF, ASP, RESTful, SOAP, X12, AS2, EDIFACT

  • Host Integration, SNA Server, AS400, and Mainframe Integration

  • SQL Server integration, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS


  • AWS Lambda integration

  • 24x7 Support and Maintenance Plans for all of our solutions

  • Open Source solutions: Leverage AngularJS, Directives, Expressions, JavaScript, NodeJS, etc., for forms, UI/UX, fetching data, remote back end stores, authenticating and authorizing users, validation, navigation, templates, etc.

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Issues and opportunities associated with:

  • Corporate-to-bank payment processing.

  • Anti-money laundering.

  • Corporate and wholesale payments.

  • Treasury and cash management.

  • Risk management and compliance.

  • Fraud prevention.

  • Support of SWIFT messaging protocols.

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Empowering business growth and operational efficiency with BizTalk Integration

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BizTalk helps grow your business online securely by:

  • Expanding the way customers do business.

  • Tracking assets to ensure people aren’t stealing or illegally accessing them.

  • Reducing transaction time.

  • Consolidating data from all customer accounts.

  • Alerting customers when deposits or overdrafts occur.

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BizTalk helps reduce time, cost and errors to gain real time visibility to:

  • Automate processes.

  • Efficiently track information.

  • Deliver reliable data.

  • Provide faster policy verification.

  • Integrate with third party systems that assess customer’s credit rating.

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Efficient processing and transferring of funds to:

  • Gain insights into operational and end-client reporting.

  • Simplify management of SWIFT messages.

  • Improve transparency of payments and settlements data and other MiFID related transactions.

  • Centralize cash pool structure.

  • Provide real time liquidity management.

Case Study

Protecting critical core business operations and avoiding a disaster recovery effort

Coordinating a collaborative effort between the bank IT technicians, a Microsoft Support engineer, and TwoConnect engineers, we help to protect critical core business operations and avoid an Exchange Disaster Recovery effort.

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TwoConnect’s award-winning team of financial data integration experts can help you!

TwoConnect’s award-winning team of financial data integration experts has helped numerous institutions worldwide leverage standards such as SWIFT and Microsoft products such as BizTalk, Host Integration Server, and Azure Cloud Integration to significantly lower the overall cost of their integration solution.

As a Microsoft Gold integration platform services provider, we solve the most complex application development and integration challenges by maintaining a relentless focus on building user friendly, reliable, secure, and supportable integrated applications.

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