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A successful transition plan from on-premises integration to iPaaS (Azure Integration Services) requires that you do careful planning, testing, and troubleshooting beforehand. It is important to ensure you have the right level of technical expertise and support in place throughout each phase of the migration.

Questions to ask

1. What is your desired end goal?

Identify the specific problems you want the migration to solve.

Ask what specific issues the Azure Integration Services will resolve for your organization.

2. What are your migration requirements?

Identify the requirements you must include and what can be excluded.

Identify the hybrid connectivity requirements.

3. Are there in-house integration services available?

Identify available onsite resources that can help with the migration plans and implementation.

4. Is your IT security and networking team actively involved in the migration conversation?

The IT team should be involved from the start to help identify the best way to implement the new solution.

5. Have you identified all the risks?

All risks and any potential high-risk assumptions that may impact migration.

6. Is the migration team identified? And have they been involved in planning from the start?

For example, a technical architect in iPaaS technologies as well as Azure Integration Services developers skilled in modern CI/CD practices will be required.

7. Is a Disaster Recovery plan in place?

One that identifies all recovery drills that should be in place during migration.

8. Is there a tested transition plan in place?

One that moves from managing servers and databases to managing iPaaS, Azure Integration Services, and serverless artifacts.

9. Do you have a plan for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)?

One that will not disrupt critical business processes and flow.

10. Have you planned for future needs?

All enterprise-level capabilities that will grow with your business.

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TwoConnect can help you get there without any interruption to your business.

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