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Evolve your infrastructure into a self-service, API-led integration platform.

Maintain an edge with competitors!

Today, more than ever, businesses must stay continually connected with their customers, employees, and other stakeholders. It can mean the difference between earning and keeping their business thriving or not.

Modern organizations need broad and effective reach through web and mobile channels to extend existing revenue sources and test innovation. A well-planned, diverse digital and API strategy can expose business assets or services unlike anything before.

Build once and organize anywhere, anytime

Microsoft Azure API Management means you can applications once, and then organizing them anywhere―wherever and whenever it makes sense for your business, whether on premises, iPaaS, or in the cloud.

Communicate across legacy systems and modern apps

Interoperability between separate systems is critical to growing your business. As applications are added, they all need to communicate with each other.

API is a software agent that allows your applications to talk to each other. When API volume is high, it becomes more difficult to manage, and API management solutions are there to help you create, publish, and manage complex API connections.

API Management tools provide a place for your APIs to live, bridging the gap between legacy systems and modern applications and enabling legacy systems to talk to the cloud without modification or migration. They also monitor how a company connects with third-party offerings, from analytics to security.

Connect clients, backend apps, and data!

API Management provides an intermediary between clients and backend applications and data. API Management solutions offer services including:

  • Self-service user onboarding – Where developers learn about APIs through documentation, code samples, and more.
  • Ability to hide backends from clients – Where organizations can move or re-architect backends without impacting the clients that use them.
  • A single point of entry for backend applications – Where API Management technology routes client requests, works with authentication and authorization, manages flow control, and more.

The following diagram demonstrates the basics of API Management technology.

An infographic of an Azure API Management system
Azure API Management diagram

These services help to ensure that API Management solutions are secure, efficient, and easy to use.

API Management core competencies

API Management provides the core competencies needed to ensure a successful API program through developer engagement, business insights, analytics, security, and protection. Use Azure API Management to take any backend to launch a full-fledged API program.

An infographic of the Azure API Management components
Azure API Management Components

The system is made up of three components:

  • The Developer portal – The main web presence for developers where they can read API documentation, test an API on the interactive console, create an account and subscribe to get API keys, and access analytics on their own usage.
  • The API gateway – The endpoint that accepts API calls and routes them to the backends. It verifies API keys, JWET tokens, certificates, and other credentials. The API can be transformed in real time without code modifications, and all metadata is logged for later analysis.
  • The Azure portal – The administrative interface for setting up your API program. It is used to define or import the API schema, package APIs into products, set up policies, gain insights from analytics, and manage users.

API management features and functionality

Most successful organizations actively build their digital strategy to take part in the API Economy, building new businesses around their data. On the other side of the equation, are modern clients, from smartphones to Internet of Things (IoT) like connected cars and home appliances, such as refrigerators.

At the foundation of this shift in approach to business is a revolution in application development that can:

A scheme with TwoConnect's API Management Service Features
TwoConnect's API Management Service Features

Azure API Management advantages

Azure API Management helps you focus on and grow your core business by providing the following key advantages:

  • Accelerate performance – Scale your system to handle workload while optimizing Azure functionality, ensuring your business and users have the best experience possible.
  • Maximize ROI – Scale up or down to meet your specific requirements, saving money and time and resulting in efficient handling of resources.
  • Focus on business – Leverage external resources and certified experts with proven experience to ensure internal resources are available when and where they are needed most.
  • Ensure security – Maintain peace of mind that comes only with Azure environments that are monitored 24/7.

TwoConnect helps you get there!

Build apps faster and deliver immediate value to your customers through API-first approaches. TwoConnect can help walk you through the development of an effective, secure API strategy and help with all decisions aligned to your organization’s needs.

TwoConnect is a Microsoft Gold Partner with over 25 years of experience helping dozens of companies implement Microsoft technologies. We are here to help you achieve optimal success.

If you want to pursue whether an Azure API Management integration solution is right for you and how TwoConnect can help, read more about TwoConnect’s integration and API Management Consulting solutions.

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