A minimalist graphic of Azure Functions extensions bundles being used with code to upload data to the cloud

Spend less time managing the infrastructure and more time developing code in the cloud.

Is it time your organization stopped worrying about deploying and maintaining servers? Microsoft’s Azure Functions cloud infrastructure provides all the up-to-date resources needed to keep your applications running so you can focus on the pieces of code that are critical to your organization and keep it on the forefront of the competition.

Simplified and accelerated serverless application development

A graphic of the Microsoft Azure Functions components

With an event-driven, serverless compute platform, you can develop and solve complex planning problems more efficiently. Build and debug locally without additional setup. Deploy and operate at scale in the cloud and integrate services using triggers and bindings. Enhance your overall end-to-end experience through:

Automated and flexible scaling – Focus on adding value rather than managing the infrastructure.

An integrated programming model – Respond to events and seamlessly connect with other services.

An end-to-end development experience – Build, debug, deploy, and monitor with integrated tools and built-in DevOps capabilities./p>

A variety of hosting options and programming languages at your disposal – Choose the right scenario for your organization so you can quickly adjust to meet business changes and needs.

Enhanced development with Functions extensions

Benefit from a full serverless application development experience—from building and debugging locally to deploying and monitoring in the cloud. Use Functions extensions with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code for faster and more efficient development on your local machine, all fully integrated with the entire Azure platform. Set up continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) with Azure Pipelines and receive intelligent and preemptive insights from Azure Monitor on the performance of serverless applications in production.

A graphic with a path to the Azure Functions extension bundles on GitHub

Develop your way!

Start coding right away with the technology stack you already know and love, with no new languages or frameworks to learn. Pick the programming languages you like best for each unique scenario—from web apps and APIs with .NET, Node.js or Java, to machine learning workflows with Python or cloud automation with PowerShell.

Better and faster solutions development!

Save coding time by focusing on the code that matters most. Functions uses a simple programming model with declarative bindings, which allows developers to write fewer lines of code. It is also based on triggers and bindings that enable serverless applications to respond to events and connect seamlessly to other services. Use Functions to build scalable and stable event-driven applications using a microservices approach.

A graphic of the Azure Functions event triggers used with code

Build once and deploy anywhere!

A single hosting plan will not fit all applications. Pick the Functions plan that matches your business needs and deploy the same code to multiple targets—from pay-per-execution in the cloud to your Kubernetes cluster or IoT devices for edge computing.

How do I start?

Hire the absolute best!

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