Being a TwoConnected BizTalker is awesome!

Microsoft’s amazing product, BizTalk Server, is the trusted platform used to deliver software integration solutions across healthcare, insurance, oil and gas, education, and supply chain logistics industries, just to name a few. It affords any customer the ability to seamlessly integrate software applications to facilitate the organization’s digital infrastructure.

It also provides the platform for business-to-business automation including established standards such as EDI, HIPAA, RosettaNetm, and Swift, among many others.

TwoConnect deploys effective BizTalk solutions!

Once an organization has purchased Microsoft BizTalk Server, the real work begins, and that’s where TwoConnect comes into play. Deploying effective integration solutions is what we do. Our BizTalk solutions lead to an empowered workplace and streamlined processing, which directly and positively impact the bottom line.

TwoConnect is a company that works in a flexible environment, adjusting our approach to satisfy our clients’ requirements. At TwoConnect, every hour counts, and quality work is a prerequisite for every task we undertake. We know that happy clients often leads to new clients. That is how we have remained in business for over 20 years, and this is why our BizTalkers are so important to us.

What separates a TwoConnect BizTalker from others? We’re glad you asked.

Figurative graphic of a team represented by human-shaped wooden figures
TwoConnect Teamwork

1. The TwoConnect Team is about collaboration and flexibility.

There truly is no “I” in “TwoConnect”! Our BizTalk engineers are allowed the freedom to think for themselves, but also have the full TwoConnect brain trust at their disposal. This is a win-win for our team members and our clients who reap the benefits of having a confident BizTalk engineer at their side as well as the entire TwoConnect BizTalk brain trust.

2. We have all the Microsoft certifications, and there is a reason why.

We believe that by providing a unified work environment and the necessary resources for our BizTalk engineers, they will be enabled to build the best-in-class integration solutions for our clients.

Our Microsoft Gold Certifications include:

  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 1995
  • Microsoft SOA Integration Partner since 1997
  • Microsoft Business Solutions Partner since 1999
  • Microsoft Virtual Technical Specialist since 2005

3. We give back to the BizTalk community, and it shows.

We are more than a business. You could say this is our calling. We are well regarded by our peers in the BizTalk community not only for producing excellent integration solutions but also constantly giving back to the BizTalk community.

We have developed multiple BizTalk Server add-on products and adapters that we have made available free of charge to the BizTalk Community. We have been awarded BizTalk MVP status multiple times throughout our history.

TwoConnect has received numerous awards for their BizTalk Solution development and integration solutions. One of our MVPs, John Stephens, aka BoatSeller, has received awards for many of the BizTalk articles he has published.

Our contributions to the community don’t stop there – please visit our Community contributions page to see the full range of our give-back efforts.

4. A good BizTalker is a hot commodity, and we treat them as such.

Our BizTalkers are highly-educated team players and are a vested part of the TwoConnect family. Many have been with us for over 10 years.

Working for TwoConnect in the role of a BizTalk engineer offers the ability to partake in truly stimulating work. Each member of our team is highly valued; we believe in them, and in return, their dedication and hard work drives our success. Personal and professional achievements are not only encouraged but rewarded, cultivating a positive mutual respect throughout the company.

Our team is passionate about technology and motivated to execute our goals. We carefully choose each member of our team based on their expertise and knowledge of evolving technologies as well as on their strong business acumen. Each individual at TwoConnect is a key member of a team that drives our company’s vision and direction.

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