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Azure Logic Apps automates tasks, business processes, and workflows when integrating applications, systems, data, and services across the enterprise.

It simplifies the design and implementation of scalable on-premises and cloud-based solutions for data and system integration, enterprise application integration (EAI), and business-to-business communications. It is a cost effective, flexible, scalable, and easy to use solution to your integration challenges.

Streamline workload automation!

Automated workloads, such as the processing and routing of product orders across on-premises systems and cloud services, use Azure Logic Apps as a monitoring system to send email alerts from Office 365 when specific events occur in systems or applications. Access a gallery of over 200 connectors to build enterprise-class integration solutions using Azure Logic Apps. Leverage Azure Functions, Service Bus, Office 365, storage, and more when building with Azure Logic Apps.

How does it happen?

All logic apps are deployed and run in the cloud on Microsoft Azure, and every logic app workflow begins when a defined event occurs that causes a trigger to fire. When the trigger fires, the logic app engine creates a logic app instance that runs whatever actions are defined in the workflow, such as data conversions or flow controls that include conditional statements and loops. A data flow process also checks to see if a record is updated and is another example of a logic app action.

An infographic with an Azure Logic Apps workflow sample

A sample scenario

A typical data flow scenario might include some sort of data transformation, data updates, and decision branching such as conditional IF/THEN statements, followed by an email announcing that the process has run. Logic Apps Designer lets you visually build logic apps and is available in the Azure Portal via a web browser and in Visual Studio. You can also create and edit logic app definitions in JavaScript Object Notation, or JSON, by using the code view editor. Some tasks can even be performed via PowerShell commands or with Azure Resource Manager templates.


Microsoft Azure Logic Apps is a cost-effective solution to your integration challenges. Microsoft Azure automatically adjusts to fit your needs as your business evolves and grows. It is easy for all in the enterprise to use and access, requires minimal coding, and can be accessed via your web browser. Azure Logic Apps can be used to integrate virtually any enterprise software, wherever it resides. Imagine real-time visibility into all your operations and transactions, both on premise and in the cloud.

Learn more about how TwoConnect can help you design, implement, and manage here. Our Microsoft certified Azure Logic Apps consultants and developers are available onsite or remotely to help you with implementation, architecture, performance, or technical issues. We are a member of the elite Microsoft BPI Virtual Technical Specialist team (1 of only 18 worldwide) and a Microsoft Gold Application Integration Partner.