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When talking about computers, the cloud, and the digital era, Microsoft Azure is a familiar term. However, you may still ask, “How exactly would Microsoft Azure impact my business?”

The answer is simple. Azure is a powerful, ever-expanding set of cloud tools designed to help companies of all sizes extend and grow their operations at the pace that is often required in our digital era.

Azure is also “freedom.” It is the freedom to build, manage, and deploy your applications on a vast scale using your favorite tools and frameworks. Simply put, it makes your life easier.

This article discusses the benefits of Azure technology, why it is important, and how it can impact and improve the way your company operates and the impact it can have.

The power of Azure

As your business continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important to be able to access and manage information quickly and easily. Information about the state of your business such as company inventory, employee and customer data, and so on, must be accessible and viable when you need it, in real time. Relevant data enables insight into the state of your business, rapid decision making, and the ability to keep ahead of the competition. This is when Azure plays an important role.

Mobile access

In the United States, 96 percent of adults own some type of mobile device, and 81 percent of those are smartphones. Ninety-nine percent of millennials own mobile devices with 96 percent of those being smartphones.

In addition, millennials spend an average of 5.4 hours on the phone each day, and they are one of the major target audiences for products and information. Worldwide, as of 2021, over 6.4 billion people own smartphones. Considering the world population at the same time was 7.9 billion, this means that smart phones have impacted over 80 percent of the people on Earth. Smart phone usage is expected to continue to increase to 7.5 billion by 2026.

China, India, and the United States are the countries with the highest number of smartphone users, with over 911 million smart phone users in China compared to 270 users in the United States. In addition, the average American spends 5.4 hours each day on their phone.

The impact of mobile devices, and in particular the smartphone, is undeniable. More than ever, businesses need to consider deploying mobile applications to keep pace with how people communicate in today’s digital world.

You may be asking yourself, “Can I create the digital applications my business needs using Azure? The answer is, “Yes, you can!”

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Why your company should move to Azure

1. You will save money

TwoConnect can help you manage your application spend through Azure by selecting and paying for only the applications you need and use. We can help you deploy all your integrations while also giving you insightful advice on utilizing your existing company assets.

2. You can increase storage and performance

If you need the capacity to store huge amounts of data or you need much greater processing speed to handle large cloud applications, Microsoft Azure is the right solution for you.

3. Your data is secure

Microsoft is fully committed to the security of all its systems. Safely and transparently achieve the highest level of security necessary to deploy and maintain your data.

4. You can benefit from analytics

Microsoft Azure technologies include powerful analytics capabilities to provide insight into not only your company operations, but also the customer data that is driving your business. Analytics help you achieve rapid and effective strategic decision making and make decisions based on accurate and timely data to drive your business into the future.

Everything is possible with Azure

No matter what your industry, whether healthcare, finance, education, supply chain, or other, Microsoft Azure can help take you further. And with open-source support, you have the freedom and control to create any application you can imagine.

Companies like Microsoft, Defenders, Intel, Cisco, and Green Climate Fund have worked with us to integrate or improve their Biztalk and Azure technologies. Read more in our case studies on the TwoConnect website.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with Azure? Contact us now, and let’s talk.

Learn more about Microsoft Azure in their official website.