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In recent years, knowing the latest updates in Microsoft Integration technologies can be quite a challenging task.

To stay updated on all the innovations in BizTalk Server and Azure, get ready to attend INTEGRATE 2023, the world’s largest Microsoft Integration tech conference.

Join speakers from the Microsoft Product Group and the Global Integration community in person (London) from June 5–7 to learn about fresh approaches to designing and managing cloud-native Azure/hybrid integrations.

What distinguishes INTEGRATE 2023 from other similar events?

As the usage of cloud/hybrid integration increases, many events are hosted yearly on those topics.

So, if you have the question, “When there are various events related to cloud technologies, why should I attend INTEGRATE?”, then below are the aspects that make the INTEGRATE conference unique.

  • Most of the other events will have sessions on using several cloud providers, which might be less applicable to businesses using only Azure.
  • Even if there are conferences devoted to Microsoft technology, they may include presentations on other topics besides integration technologies, such as Office 365, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, etc.
  • Sessions at important Microsoft events like Ignite, Inspire, and Build will also cover a broad spectrum of technologies, which might be overwhelming to some extent.

So, INTEGRATE 2023 stands out as a unique event that grabs the attention of a specific group of audiences with an interest in the Microsoft Integration space.

Top 3 reasons to attend INTEGRATE 2023 Live

The INTEGRATE conference last year drew over 750 attendees from around the world.

And with all the anticipation for INTEGRATE 2023 Live, it is planned to be much bigger this time, where you can expect to listen from a stellar speaker line-up and have sensational discussions around trending integration topics during the Live event.

The top three benefits of attending the INTEGRATE conference are as follows:

Limitless networking opportunities

Connect with like-minded people, meet up with known faces, and establish partnerships to advance your integration journey.

Enlightening discussions about integration technologies

Discuss your Integration issues with a group of technical experts and thought leaders to find apt solutions.

Explore a new city!

If you’re not in London, this one journey can help you achieve two objectives: You explore London and return home loaded with knowledge.

If you can’t make it Live, there are possibilities to attend the sessions from the comfort of your home. It’s because INTEGRATE 2023 Live will be happening at etc. venues, St. Pauls, London, and the same event will be available in virtual mode all over the world.

INTEGRATE in the last decade

Participants of earlier conferences would be aware of the scope and depth of each session. Here is a preview of the most significant announcements made at the conference so far,

  • Support for Java Message Service 2.0 in Service Bus premium
  • Release of ISE architectures in Logic Apps
  • Unveiled BizTalk Migrator tool, which turned out to be a hot topic
  • The integration of Service Bus Explorer in the Azure Portal
  • Announcement of Logic Apps Standard with multiple workflow support
  • Intro of API management authorizations to manage access tokens

You can expect similar ground-breaking updates at INTEGRATE 2023!

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To know more about the current offers, please visit the INTEGRATE site!