A laptop and a folder with the BizTalk Server 2020 logo over a wooden table

Microsoft’s BizTalk Migrator is a free, open-source command-line tool that simplifies and automates the conversion of BizTalk applications to Azure Integration Services.

It streamlines and standardizes the process of integration modernization, and it saves you time and money!

Why do I need the BizTalk Migrator?

BizTalk Migrator bridges the gap between two vastly different systems. Moving from traditional BizTalk Server applications to cloud-based Azure services is often expensive and complex. While there are many benefits of moving to the cloud, businesses frequently cannot justify the investment and time involved.

BizTalk Migrator changes that. Moving applications to the cloud becomes faster, easier, and less expensive by taking your existing BizTalk applications, breaking them down into fundamental building blocks, and then using those blocks to construct new Azure integration applications.

What are the benefits?

BizTalk Migrator has many benefits, including:

  • Best practice migration – A consistent approach to breaking down and reassembling applications means predictable outputs that are easy to understand and support.
  • Faster migration projects – Manual migrations that may have taken months are done in a few weeks or less.
  • Open-source development – Tool improvements are driven by user need, not assumptions about business problems.
  • Support for messaging and orchestration workflows – Support is available for typical BizTalk messaging tasks and business process automation.

Some of the limitations

BizTalk is a large and complex product, and BizTalk Migrator is a new tool that, at present, has a limited feature set. That said, the current version comes shipped with a handful of great applications that represent how BizTalk applications can be migrated to Azure and what is possible.

What can I do next?

Microsoft has released the BizTalk Migrator as an open-source project on GitHub. You can download the software and review the Quick Start Guide to gain a better understanding. Use your own sample scenarios to test results and outcome.

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