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The increasing requirements for compliance and standards in all industries are exerting great pressure on small and midsize companies to integrate and automate their businesses in order to stay compliant and competitive.

Keeping pace with government mandates

Government mandates like Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA as well as B2B standards such as RosettaNet, AS2/EDI HL7, SWIFT, and RFID, and many others make it difficult for small businesses to keep up while staying profitable. So how does a small or midsize business comply with the increasing number of requirements and still make money?

First, let’s consider why small to midsize businesses still survive, and indeed thrive, in a climate increasingly dominated by large, almost autocratic companies. And why do customers often choose to work with a small or mid-size company rather than a large one? The answer often lies in the way that the smaller companies manage the government-imposed compliance and standards requirements.

A simplified agile approach

One advantage midsize companies have is the flexibility to be more agile than larger companies, which often translates into a more streamlined and efficient handling of business processes and the ability to adjust to shifting trends and customer demands. With fewer complex business processes, costs are reduced, and savings are passed onto their customers.

Impact on resources, time, and budget

Unfortunately, when it comes to adopting new government or industry requirements, midsize companies are often slower to market than their larger counterparts. This happens because of the demands on time, the investment in IT hardware and software, and the significant impact on human capital resources. Small to mid-size companies often cannot afford the investment, even if they have the ability to make the change.

Compliance automation software – BizTalk

What if smaller businesses could actually flaunt their flexibility and cost-effectiveness through the quick adoption of government mandates and compliance with B2B standards? The answer is that they can – by using all-inclusive compliance and mandates automation software, such as Microsoft BizTalk Server.

Microsoft BizTalk Server makes it easy for companies to adopt compliance and standards requirements because it includes out-of-the box capabilities for implementing AS2/EDI, HIPPAA, RFID, and most other compliance requirements.

The BizTalk standard version includes all of the capabilities of its enterprise version (with only a few minor limitations). It is the best value on the market.

Automate and integrate business processes

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BizTalk Server enables businesses to connect and automate transactions between different applications and enables users to create and modify business processes to help optimize daily practices.

BizTalk Server can help connect applications within an organization, as well as automate and integrate business processes that span organizational boundaries – easily integrating customers and trading partners.

BizTalk provides excellent business value. When you consider the very low price and the fact that BizTalk is backed by over a decade of research and development from the world’s leading software vendor, Microsoft, BizTalk is a great value and one with which other integration platform vendors have a tough time competing.

A need to maintain the competitive edge

Small and midsize organizations risk losing their competitive edge unless they integrate and automate their processes and comply and adopt government standards.

Standards-based integration and automation software, such as Microsoft BizTalk Server, enables businesses to gain greater visibility into the cross-departmental and cross-organizational processes that are critical to improving customer satisfaction and retention levels.

The goal of Microsoft’s BizTalk Server is to help organizations meet the challenges of creating integrated business processes across diverse systems. BizTalk Server’s reputation as a cost-effective, flexible, and highly robust integration, automation, and business process management system makes it a smart choice for midsize organizations desiring to remain competitive.

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