An image with the logos of TwoConnect and BizTalk 360

At TwoConnect, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to make our client’s integrations easier to manage, more efficient, and pain free. One way we deliver value to our clients is by partnering with companies whose products or services complement our own offerings, such as BizTalk360 from Kovai Limited.

TwoConnect uses BizTalk360 to monitor enterprise BizTalk environments. Our BizTalk360 clients are very satisfied with the product and services and would not consider returning to a time when they were left to their own devices for BizTalk management.

BizTalk360 is comprised of more than 75 useful and informative product features that provide quick access to data for business decision making and strategic planning. The customizable user interface that employs dashboards and interchangeable widgets, makes it powerful and yet easy to use.

A screenshot of the BizTalk 360 interface

BizTalk360 also includes ServiceBus360, built using Azure services, an invaluable service that allows you to manage distributed cloud applications from a single portal. You can apply security restrictions at the entity and operations levels as well as monitor various Azure Services and detailed alert history from a single view.

If your company uses BizTalk and has not yet seen BizTalk360 in action, call TwoConnect. TwoConnect is offering a free one-hour BizTalk Management consultation to demonstrate how BizTalk360 can be used in your enterprise.

We look forward to hearing from you.