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Healthcare has been on the minds of many over the past few years, as politicians struggle to agree on what the best healthcare coverage solution looks like and how it is managed. Obviously, there are many opinions when it comes to healthcare plans; however, one undeniable fact is that any plan should be grounded in the health and well-being of the U.S. population they serve and that this fact takes priority when compared to all other political issues.

No matter your stance on gun control or domestic partnerships, it all means nothing if you suddenly become ill and need medical attention. Healthcare for American citizens has occasionally dominated news outlets. The bottom line is that the health of the nation’s people is paramount.

Healthcare’s integration impact

The importance placed on healthcare permeates other industries as well. Integration development solutions, such as those using Microsoft BizTalk as the integration middleware, are complex and multi-layered. Yet, the complexities increase even more when implementing healthcare integration. Due to the critical nature of healthcare systems, healthcare providers are often faced with the difficult challenge of integrating multiple applications and legacy systems.

BizTalk integration advantages

Integrations with legacy systems involves extracting valuable patient information. Doing so in a timely, secure manner can be challenging. Using BizTalk with Host Integration Server to extract data from legacy systems makes integration possible and more manageable.

BizTalk offers the following additional integration advantages:

  • Integrated electronic health records to ensure that health providers have complete access to a patient’s medical history before treatment.
  • Digitized clinical dashboards to give a single view into all clinical activities integrated from all applications.
  • Optimized clinical supplies to ensure all clinical supplies are replenished as they are consumed.
  • Automated patient scheduling that uses workflows to send notifications and assist in seamless patient care.

BizTalk also offers a wide range of accelerators that can speed up development time when integrating with healthcare solutions that depend on typical healthcare standards, such as HL7 and HIPAA. This BizTalk accelerator foundation enables pain free sharing of information.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

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As existing health systems are integrated with BizTalk, managing and analyzing the processes involved to gather relevant data becomes increasingly important.

By using Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), a feature within BizTalk, healthcare analysts are provided with the information necessary to identify and analyze trends that may lead to potential health threats in their patients as well as provide a higher quality of overall patient care.

Impact of BizTalk technology on healthcare costs

Effectively using information technology to reduce the cost of healthcare is a key component of the current healthcare bill. The International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), put in place in 2015, is used to describe patient diagnoses and level of care in hospitals across the United States.

Microsoft BizTalk Server and other platforms, such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint, provide healthcare organizations a toolset of standardized products that allows them to simplify their solution infrastructure and reduce costs by leveraging out-of-the box capabilities as well as the skills of Microsoft’s extensive partner community. By doing so, you can also remain secure in the knowledge that your infrastructure is backed by the Microsoft name.

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Just as none of us can take our health for granted, healthcare organizations cannot take their IT decisions for granted. To ensure they make the right IT decisions, they need to be aware of the latest technologies offered and know when to take advantage of them.

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