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How would a Microsoft Azure Logic Apps solution impact your organization?

Here’s how!

  • With automated tasks, processes, and workflows – Azure Logic Apps simplifies the design and implementation of scalable on-premises and cloud-based solutions for data and system integration, enterprise application integration (EAI), and business-to-business communications.
  • By being cost effective – Azure Logic Apps is one of the most cost effective, flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use integration solutions on the market. Azure Logic Apps is a serverless engine with costs based on consumption and no up-front hidden or maintenance costs.
  • It’s flexible and scalable – Azure Logic Apps is a cloud-based, serverless computing service that scales and adapts to meet the needs of the business, when you need it. It takes care of hosting, monitoring, and scaling in a single managed service.
  • It’s easy to use! – Microsoft Azure Portal is an easy-to-use development tool, accessed within a standard web browser. It requires minimal coding using hundreds of pre-built connectors – generating code in the background. It also includes ready-made templates to quickly create workflows.
  • It provides historical insight with built-in monitoring capabilities – Azure Logic Apps enables you to gain insight into what is happening in your applications. It provides valuable data from which to draw conclusions, customize business solutions, and empower your employees.
  • You can still build BizTalk solutions – A logic app is a workflow, like an orchestration. Create simple workflows in Azure Logic Apps and more difficult scenarios in BizTalk services. Workflow is a top-down approach with implicit and explicit conditions and repeating capabilities.

In summary, Azure Logic Apps is a cloud-based platform used for creating and running automated workflows that integrate apps, data, services, and systems. With this platform, you can quickly develop highly scalable integration solutions for your enterprise and business-to-business (B2B) scenarios. Azure Logic Apps is a member of Azure Integration Services and enables simplifying the how legacy, modern, and innovative systems connect across cloud, on premises, and hybrid environments.

The TwoConnect Solution!

If you want to pursue whether an Azure Logic Apps integration solution is right for you and how TwoConnect can help, read about TwoConnect’s integration solutions using Azure Logic Apps.

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