BizTalk Server

A BizTalk Server solution provided a reliable and fully-automated platform

Discover how TwoConnect collaborated with Intel, a renowned technology company, and a leading logistics company to overcome various challenges and optimize their online sales operations.

A BizTalk Server solution


When Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) and a leading logistics company partnered to build an on-line sales site, they faced several challenges:

  • Reliability – needed to provide a reliable and fully automated order system
  • Validation – needed to enable order acknowledgement and status updates
  • Business processes – needed to maintain existing business processes and platforms
  • Security – needed to guarantee secure Web-based transactions
  • Scheduling – needed to meet two-month accelerated project schedule


TwoConnect collaborated with both companies to design and build a solution that provided:

  • Mainframe integration using BizTalk Server technology.
  • Simplified web-based order forms using ASP.NET in .NET Framework.
  • Business logic programmed in C# and VB.NET.


The solution provided by TwoConnect has was deployed in under two months. It enabled both companies to realize their technical and business goals while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

As a result, Intel achieved a fully-implemented integrated web-based order processing system, including status update and order acknowledgement capability, fully automated transactions, and guaranteed data security.

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BizTalk Server

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