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Integration of legacy systems with a BizTalk Adapter for

Read how TwoConnect's Microsoft BizTalk Server Adapter for helped Illumina, Inc. overcome the challenge of integrating legacy data into their application.

A BizTalk Server solution

“We needed to provide our police officers in the field with better access to critical law enforcement data located at headquarters.”


The Sales Department at Illumina, Inc. (NASDAQ: ILMN) had been using for customer relationship management. However, much of their legacy data resided in systems that were not integrated with

The IT Department was tasked with finding a way to integrate the legacy data into via the AppExchange web service. In order to prevent delays, the company needed a reliable third-party vendor to provide the software adapter necessary to resolve this integration challenge.


Illumina selected TwoConnect’s Microsoft BizTalk Server Adapter for to accelerate their integration and seamlessy connect their legacy data to their application.

TwoConnect developed the BizTalk Server Adapter prototype to improve Ilumina's integrate legacy data into using the AppExchange web service. TwoConnect ensured that the prototype runs smoothyly on Illuminia servers under all scenairos. The solution also ensures that the TwoConnect adapter will remain compatible with future versions of BizTalk Server and


Today, TwoConnect’s BizTalk Server Adapter prototype is running smoothly on Illumina servers under all user scenarios.

Illumina’s employees now have access to critical business data at their fingertips that was perviously unvailable or difficult to access resulting in higher ROI and increased efficiency and productivity.

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“Based on the quick turnaround in dealing with issues, I personally expect to be a great source of future referrals to the company!”


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