Azure Logic Apps

A mix of on-premise and SaaS applications for core business functions

In 1964, Jay Schiller took over a small mattress refurbishing business in Buffalo, New York, and began focusing on selling new mattresses. He acquired a few mattresses on consignment, launching the first City Mattress. With a guiding principle to treat their customers as they themselves would want to be treated, City Mattress grew into a thriving small business success story.

Azure Logic Apps and Cloud-to-Cloud Business Integration

Today, City Mattress runs a mix of on-premise and SaaS applications for core business functions. To fully realize a cloud-based pre-to-post customer sales experience, City Mattress decided to integrate their business specific Azure-hosted Storis Point-of-Sales system and Shopify, a leading suite of sales and marketing tools.


City Mattress, like many businesses, was dealing with disparate sources of customer data and varied business processes. While they were successful in transitioning these and other business critical apps to the cloud or SaaS solutions, they had not achieved the fully unified business process integration and view of the customer sales experience they desired, one that enables both insight into the entire lifecycle of their products over time and a more timely and responsive marketing strategy.


City Mattress needed to integrate two key platforms, Storis and Shopify, to achieve the single customer and product journey. TwoConnect developed a set of Azure Logic Apps connecting the Azure-hosted Storis SQL Database and the REST/JSON based Shopify.

Each platform implemented a specialized API pattern that required a multi-level exchange to post business data. Logic Apps proved to be the ideal platform to orchestrate this conversational integration process between Storis and Shopify.

Azure and Microsoft Services Involved:

  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Logic Apps Transform
  • Logic Apps SQL Connector

Logic Apps and the rest of Microsoft Azure Services are a natural step in the evolution of City Mattress’ goal for a completely cloud service-based IT platform.


The Storis/Shopify Integration Logic Apps now manages City Mattress’ entire interaction between Storis ERP and Shopify Sales and Marketing apps.

The benefits include:

  • Faster closing of upsale opportunities
  • Timely and personalized customer engagement
  • Targeted promotions over the lifetime of City Mattress’ products

With the Azure Logic Apps integrating two critical business platforms, City Mattress can develop time-critical customer marketing promotions using all available data and channels. The solution significantly improved business efficiencies and productivity and has enabled City Mattress to focus on what’s important – their growing customer base.

City Mattress

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Azure Logic Apps

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