Microsoft Sharepoint

A proof-of-concept SharePoint running in ten working days

Read how TwoConnect assisted AmCOMP's IT department in implementing a large-scale intranet solution using Microsoft SharePoint Services 2003.

A Microsoft SharePoint solution

“Within ten working days, TwoConnect had written a Project Charter and had a proof-of-concept SharePoint portal up and running.”


AmCOMP’s IT department had configured and deployed Microsoft SharePoint Services 2003, but they didn’t have the resources to design and implement the full solution. They wanted to build a large-scale company intranet and needed to streamline communcations among workers, departments and teams.

Because of business need, they needed the solution implemented in only two weeks.


TwoConnect was engaged to work with AmCOMP's IT department on a large-scale solution that resulted in:

  • Development of a Project Charter that provided a roadmap, work load assessment, and timeline.
  • Demonstrating the viability of the project to developers with a SharePoint proof-of-concept that greatly reduced risk.
  • Conducting on-site training that enabled the IT team to gain the knowledge transfer needed to complete the project on their own.


Today AmCOMP has an intranet solution based on SharePoint technology that successfully meets the needs of the AmCOMP network throughout the country.

The TwoConnect solution helped prioritize stakeholder support and set achievable expectations and successfully manage risk. In addition, it helped facilitate consistent communication across the company that resulted in overall greater efficiencies and lower costs.

Complete implementation rolled out on-time and on-budget.

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Microsoft Sharepoint

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