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BizTalk Support

We Go Beyond Expectations With Our BizTalk Support

As a Microsoft Gold Integration Partner and member of the elite Microsoft Virtual Technical Specialist Team (1 of only 20 worldwide), TwoConnect provides premier 24x7x365 Support Services and Maintenance solutions for all of our solutions.

Here are just a few of the benefits and features included in our premier Service & Support plans.

  • 24/7 emergency Support so you can count on us to solve any problems that need resolving.
  • Proactivly Monitoring of your environment so problems are handled before they occur.
  • Configuration as well as development environment so you can work on modifications without putting your live setup at risk.
  • Database monitoring as well as message tracking and alerts.
  • Constant monitoring for security breaches to ensure that your environment is never vulnerable.
  • Performance tuning to keep your environment running at it’s best.

Need Emergency or Ongoing Support?

  • TwoConnect’s support options help you avoid issues so that they never become a problem.
  • We are your backup plan and your insurance policy.
  • We get to know your environment and when your developer is too busy and overwhelmed with other tasks, or goes on vacation, we can support your environment.
  • We can set it up so you immediately get an alert when your servers go down or messages are giving errors and fix your configuration.
  • We make sure your environment is set up properly and thus, requires fewer hours in the long run to maintain.
  • For more information on our Support Plans, contact us by email or by phone at (877)-896-2666.