TwoConnect is a Microsoft Certified Gold BizTalk Partner

For over 20 years, TwoConnect has provided award-winning BizTalk integration consulting services to hundreds of satisfied customers in a wide variety of industries worldwide. As a Microsoft Gold BizTalk Partner and member of the elite Microsoft BPI Technical Specialist team we work closely with the Microsoft team to help deploy integration solutions for their most challenging customers.

How Can TwoConnect Help Me Succeed with BizTalk?

  • If you are considering using BizTalk, whether on premise or in the Azure cloud, we can help you understand if it’s the right product for your organization through Consultations and Proof of Concepts.
  • Our experienced BizTalk Consultants are available onsite or remotely, usually within 24 hours, to help you when you need it most such as troubleshooting, performance or technical issues.
  • There is always room for improvement; our BizTalk mentoring solutions even help established development teams squeeze more productivity from their working practices.
  • We provide official developer and administrator customized training for BizTalk and Azure Logic Apps to provide your organization with self-sufficiency.
  • When our customers don’t have a resource available internally, they handover the development of their BizTalk projects to us.  Our experience ensures we always do a good job.
  • Learn how to ensure your BizTalk and Azure cloud solutions run smoothly in production through our operational platform that warns of issues before they become problems.

Free 2-Day BizTalk Cloud Migration Assessment

If you’ve been wondering how all the new Azure Cloud technologies might be able to help your organization, TwoConnect can help.  For a limited time, we are offering a Free 2-day BizTalk cloud migration assessment.

The goal of the assessment is to help you determine which of your existing BizTalk applications would benefit from a cloud migration or which new applications may be better implemented in the cloud. We will then follow our initial assessment with:

  • Detailed list of recommendations
  • A Proof of Concept
  • A migration or implementation plan for developing and deploying the cloud-based solutions.

Why Consider Migrating BizTalk Applications to Microsoft Azure?

  • Significantly reduce your IT management work and cost by taking advantage of the serverless integration benefits with Microsoft Azure.
  • Easily connect data, apps and devices anywhere using the cloud-based connectors and keep your disparate systems up-to-date, in real-time.
  • Take your messaging scenarios to the next level with Azure Service Bus.
  • Use Azure Data Factory, HDInsight and the NoSQL capabilities of CosmosDB to ingest, transform and analyze massive amounts of data.
  • Keep your organization’s data indefinitely, no matter the size, for an affordable price.
  • Extend your integration scenarios and take the best business decisions using Machine Learning and Cognitive Services.
  • Expose modern REST integration interfaces using Azure API Apps, Azure functions, Service Fabric and Microservices.
  • Microsoft has made all BizTalk schemas including all X12 and EDIFACT EDI and all HIPAA schemas open source so we can use the schemas anywhere and everywhere without having to purchase a BizTalk license.

With Azure Logic Apps, integration has never been easier and less expensive. The possibilities are endless. We can help you realize them.  We will offer a limited number of free migration assessments until October 15th, so make sure to take advantage of this offer before it ends.

TwoConnect’s certifications include:
• Microsoft Gold Integration Partner.
• Microsoft Virtual Technical Specialist (VTS) for Integration.
• Microsoft Gold Custom Application Development Partner
• Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Azure & BizTalk Integration

Contact us today for a FREE 2-Day BizTalk Cloud Migration ASSESSMENT

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Our Focus on BizTalk
Our relentless focus on delivering award winning BizTalk Server services since 1999 makes us the best 
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Our people focus entirely on BizTalk Server services…always. Nobody does it better.
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We’re very involved in the BizTalk community & it shows.

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Practical HIPAA Solutions

We deliver practical, effective and easy to use solutions for the processing of HIPAA claims data for the 4010 and 5010 standard.



BizTalk in Healthcare

Atlantic Dental and TwoConnect team-up to deliver highly effective BizTalk HIPAA Solution yielding 25% in claims processing costs savings.



Supply Chain Logistics

We implement EDI Solutions that mask the complexities of the EDI standard and allow you to focus on your business.


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TwoConnect’s knowledge and service was top notch. Their consultants are professional and knowledgeable. They know
Microsoft BizTalk and did an excellent job in applying its benefits to our specific needs. Great job guys!
Scott Carter, Marketron
TwoConnect is a Brightstar Corporation strategic IT partner. They earned this status by being
responsive, professional, and providing Senior Level engineers that are the best in the industry.
Stacy Hallman, Brightstar
We wanted to train our people… but also wanted customized training that would resolve our
immediate issues.
Wes Stevens, Exxon Mobil
TwoConnect’s deep subject matter expertise has proven to be invaluable in helping us design and deliver enterprise level systems for both internal and external customers.
David Dickey, Global Healthcare Alliance
Based on the quick turnaround in dealing with issues, I personally expect to be a great source of future referrals
to the company!
Vinod C. Mehta, Illumina
TwoConnect’s customer service and support team was extremely helpful throughout our process, from proof of concept
to go-live.
Jonathan Gerson, Informa
We have established a long term relationship with TwoConnect thanks to their ability to meet our growing BizTalk needs. TwoConnect is an elite vendor and we highly recommend their services to anyone searching for BizTalk expertise.
Senior Project Manager, Sonos Inc.
TwoConnect filled our emergency requirement with an outstanding knowledgeable resource. We didn’t know that we didn’t know, and they were able to get our issues taken care of and helped with developing our internal staff. Thank you!
Strategic Sourcing Manager, Defenders