BizTalk EDI Integration Experts on Demand

When your best customer decides that from this point forward they will only conduct business with your company over X12 EDI or EDIFACT EDI, you need to jump into action. Our elite award-winning EDI Integration team provides everything you need to implement an EDI processing solution at your company or in the cloud. Our team is fast, flexible and affordable and we have a long list of customer referrals to prove it.  Rather than spending your time learning cryptic EDI segments, elements, or qualifiers, TwoConnect can help you implement BizTalk & EDI integration just as we have done for hundreds of customers throughhout the years (since 1995) and allow you to focus on your business.

  • With experience working with many different transaction sets such as 810, 850, 856, for logistics or 837I, 837P, 835 for healthcare among many others, we can mask the complexities of EDI while implementing exactly what your company needs
  • Our in-depth experience in BizTalk EDI allows us to implement any EDI project much faster and more effectively than most anyone in the field.
  • We have built a TwoConnect accelerated solution focused on EDI. Which means you get not only ready-made EDI components that augment the BizTalk EDI features but also pre-configured management and support tools that make life easier even after we’ve delivered the solution.
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