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Azure Function Apps

What are Function Apps and how can they help me?

Azure Function Apps are a great solution for processing data, integrating systems, working with the internet-of-things (IoT), and building simple APIs and microservices. Azure Functions Apps are useful for tasks like image or order processing, file maintenance, or for any tasks that you want to run on a schedule.

TwoConnect leverages Azure Function Apps and other modern integration technologies to solve business problems easier and most cost effectively than ever before. This is your chance to take the important step of moving your organizations Integration initiatives into the next stratosphere. TwoConnect is here to show you how.


The following service integrations are supported by Azure Functions:

  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Event Hubs
  • Azure Event Grid
  • Azure Mobile Apps (tables)
  • Azure Notification Hubs
  • Azure Service Bus (queues and topics)
  • Azure Storage (blob, queues, and tables)
  • GitHub (webhooks)
  • On-premises (using Service Bus)
  • Twilio (SMS messages)