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API Enablement

API Enablement

Your API says a lot about you. Your services can have different backends and different standards but they should all appear as one.
TwoConnect can bring together all your services into one organized, consistent and managed API. API's that are easy for your customers and trading partners to access and implement are a significant competitive advantage in this increasingly specialized and interconnected marketplace. Our API management Integration team provides everything you need to implement an API solution on premise or in the Azure cloud. Our team is fast, flexible and affordable and we have a long list of customer referrals to prove it. Rather than spending your time learning API Management, cryptic API segments, elements, or qualifiers, TwoConnect can help you implement an Azure Cloud-based API integration solution just as we have done for dozens of customers and allow you to focus on your business.

As a Service

Design and implement your integration platform as a utility. Flip the switch and the integration light comes ON, the meter runs. Turn it OFF, and there’s nothing to pay for

Testimonial Modern Integration
“Solutions from TwoConnect will help organizations that use BizTalk Server to reliably access line-of-business applications. This allows development staff to spend less time solving complex technical issues and more time on business solutions that bring competitive advantage to their companies.”

Director, Connected Systems Division, Microsoft.