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Solution Accelerators

BizTalk Solution Accelerators and Adapters

Biztalk Solution Accelerators are a great way to enhance any Biztalk Server Implementation. After more than 13 years implementing BizTalk Server solutions, TwoConnect has compiled a number of pre-built components and ready-made roadmap plans that can help accelerate all BizTalk Solutions. Together, these pre-built components and plans work as a solution accelerator for any BizTalk implementation. The accelerator can serve a number of functions such as to establish configurations standards, lay out the exception handling framework for your BizTalk Solution, implement pipeline processing in a very simple way, among many other features. Contact us for more information and to determine if one of accelerated BizTalk Solutions can help your organization.

  • EDI Adapter
  • ACORD Accelerator
  • OTA Accelerator
  • ODBC Adapter (FREE!)
  • Loopback Adapter (FREE!)


Significantly reduce project development time and deploy your solutions faster.


Make things easier for your BizTalk developers and for your BizTalk support staff. They will really appreciate it.


Can’t do that out of the box? No problem. Our accelerators include that functionality.


Hundreds of customers have successfully implemented our accelerated solutions. They continue to get the job done day in and day out…