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OTA Accelerator

TwoConnect Accelerator for Open Travel Alliance (OTA)

The TwoConnect BizTalk Accelerator for OTA extends the Microsoft BizTalk Server Platform to provide comprehensive and reliable delivery of travel distribution industry messaging using the OTA formats.

Accelerator Components

TwoConnect leverages the OTA messaging schema standard and made it BizTalk-ready.
Here’s how:

  • BizTalk Server compliant schema packs for the full OTA specification supporting BizTalk Server 2006 and higher.
  • Automatic support for BizTalk messaging properties based on OTA common properties.
  • InfoPath Form templates for all OTA messages.
  • BizTalk Server support for the EchoToken custom header when using HTTP.
  • Integration of OTA Code Tables into the BizTalk Mapper & Orchestrations.
  • Batch Schemas – EDI Enhancements includes assembler compatible batch schemas for X12 and EDIFACT making direct mapping to EDI formats easier