BizTalk Consulting Services for the Oil, Gas and Mining Industry

Companies in the Oil & Gas and Mining industry are demanding software solutions that enable them to take advantage of new technologies such as cloud services, apps, mobility, social computing and platforms that leverage the potential of seamless integration with BizTalk. TwoConnect is at the forefront of these integration advancements based on the Microsoft Platform. We are leading the industry to the next generation of solutions and working alongside our global oil & gas industry partners to ensure that the latest versions of these technologies provide the foundation for their oilfield solutions.

Why Are We The Best?

The TwoConnect Philosophy
In business since 1995, and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we provide flexible integration solutions with a focus on secure, scalable, expandable and reliable financial systems.
Oil & Gas and Mining Integration
Oil & Gas and Mining companies trust TwoConnect along the whole value chain from exploration and production of their conventional and unconventional assets, to the cost-effective BizTalk integration of their refineries and pipeline to their trading floor.
Some Oil & Gas and Mining Customers
Exxon, Don Nan, Modular Mining Systems, ATMI.

Equipment Monitoring

Any production equipment, big or small, from pumps, compressors, complete oil production units to cracking units used in refining plays a critical role in the value chain. Any downtime of this equipment can have a huge impact on production and therefore needs to be minimized.


Upstream Systems

TwoConnect leverages BizTalk Server to integrate the workflows of the business workers and the systems they use, their process and procedures, and the information those workers create and manage as part of their work-day across all the upstream systems they interact with.


Production Optimization

BizTalk Server provides a secure, scalable and integrated platform that supports and encourages innovation and production optimization in the oil & gas and Mining industry.

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