Elite HIPAA, HL7 & BizTalk Integration Experts

TwoConnect is a Microsoft Gold Healthcare Integration Partner and a member of the elite Microsoft BPI VTS team. Our Certified HL7 and HIPAA experts have helped a hundreds of companies to automate and optimize HL7 and HIPAA business processes spanning applications, people, and healthcare organizations.

We take pride in delivering fast, flexible and affordable healthcare integration solutions and we have a long list of references to prove it. Please contact us  for a free HIPAA or HL7 integration consultation.

Our healthcare integration experts can help you with:

  • Healthcare (HL7, HIPAA 5010, 4010, IDC-10, EDI) expert consulting, custom software development and integration.
  • HL7 Messaging and HL7 Interface development.
  • Seamless Integration between healthcare applications.
  • Facilitate exchange of high volume of HL7 messages efficiently.
  • Enable HL7 data exchange of various types like ADT, MFN, ORM, ORU, SCH, SIU.
  • creation of HL7 standards given the varied requirements between applications.
  • Efficiently handling non-standard HL7 messages by HL7 mapping.
  • Pre-built BizTalk maps that provide easy conversion from 4010 to 5010 and from 5010 to 4010 HIPAA transactions.
  • A highly effective exception handling system based on the 999 and 277 transaction sets that allows for maximum message visibility.
  • Reporting tools that allow you to visualize all of your processed claim and patient data by EDI hierarchy or by claim number.
  • An integration solution that integrates in-house claims processing with industry standard claims verification tools like Optum (old Claredi).
  • A framework for easily modifying and deploying HIPAA process rules changes.
  • A search engine that allows you to use multiple filters to search your HIPAA data such as by claim number, patient name, claim amount, etc.